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This website was thrown together in 2013 in an effort to chronicle my attempts to build an open source Ocean Buoy electronics platform. Inspired by the likes of OpenROV, PrintrBot, and Adafruit who have created awesome projects and shared the information freely, I am working on this side project in hopes that it will lead to collaborations with others who are interested and passionate about ocean engineering.

At the start, all I wanted to do was build a small/cheap 3D printed buoy that could measure wave height and period  data at my favorite surf spot. Unsatisfied by the lack of consistent ocean wave data in my local area, I set out to solve (what I thought) was a simple problem.

That got me thinking, who else could benefit from small/cheap wave buoys and what would happen if suddenly this technology could be used to network a bunch of these floating buoys together to get high fidelity wave data for areas of interest? The project started while I was a full time mechanical engineering graduate student at the University of California Davis.  Sometimes progress on the project takes a backseat to exams and lab duties. Luckily, others have started to reach out and provide suggestions or new ideas so the project continues to evolve. There is no official time line, but I’ll add information as it becomes available.

Thanks for reading, hope you find something interesting or helpful.


Nick Raymond






3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,
    I’m starting a similar project to gather turbidity data in Encinal Basin. Interested in your buoy shell and who knows what else. 😎

    Drop me a line when you’ve got a moment.


  2. I want to buy/build one!

    I live on an inland lake and want to push wave height information to a webpage. I have wifi available.

    Does your prototype work yet?
    Can I copy your design?

    • Hi Paul, unfortunately the project is still in the development stage but please feel free to use any information to built your own. Just curious, how will you use the wave height data?


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