Magnet switch – test #2

The next step is to make sure that the magnet switch can be triggered once installed on the underside of the buy lid. I created a new lid design with a recessed pocket for the magnet switch and hardware. The goal was to get the magnet switch as close as possible to the exterior surface of the lid to minimize the distance between the sensor and the magnet used to trigger the awake/sleep modes.

Here is a video showing the final test with the magnet sensor mounted under the lid. Everything seems to be working ok – I had anticipated that I might need a stronger magnet to trigger the switch but was able to use the magnet that came with the sensor after all.


CAD model of the new lid, name “Container – top – v5”

Link to downloads for CAD…

I also took this opportunity to use a general purpose 2-part epoxy to mount the solar panel to the lid. In the future I plan to use a marine grade epoxy which would better stand up to the ocean water – but this Loctite epoxy should be sufficient for now while testing in a pool or a pond.


Mounting the magnet switch to the underside of the buoy lid.

Round solar panel, 6V 100mA, epoxied to the top of the lid.


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