Reprinting transparent part – Hull A

Picked up a new spool of clean PLA and am trying to reprint the upper portion of the hemisphere again. Last time I tried this print the Printrbot jammed after finishing 70% of the build.

photo 1

This is about 2 hours into the print, and so far so good. I recently built a wooden enclosure (3/4″ plywood box with a hinged lid and acrylic window in front) to help regulate the ambient temperature and produce a most consistent surface texture. It also has helped to reduce the noise of the printer a little.

Will post updated pictures once complete.

Update 01: about 4 hours into the print


Update 02: finished the print, there are some rough spots near the top due to excessive vibrations during printing but overall a decent print.

photo 2 (1)

photo 1 (1)


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