STL Files – Buoy V10

Link to download…


Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 11.37.37 PM.png


4 thoughts on “STL Files – Buoy V10

  1. Hi Nick,

    Very cool project! I have a few ideas/questions to build off your work, but am new to hardware design. For instance, assuming we are in open ocean can the buoy be designed to be self powering by wave activity? Also, if I want to attach different sensors what is the max cable length I can extend from the buoy? I have a bunch of other questions, and are you free for a chat?

    • Hi Josh,

      I bet you could configure the buoy to be wave powered for longer deployments and autonous charging. I worked on a renewable wave energy project during my senior year at college for a mechanical engineering. Here is the link:

      The site is still being built…two years later… but it might give you some ideas? That was a much larger project and is partly what inspired me to work on this buoy project. If you could develop a dense mesh network of real time wave measurements you could use a control system to dynamically tune the mechanical system on the larger wave energy converter and really boost efficiency.

      But back to your idea – I think the best mechanism for a small wave buoy is the eccentric rotating mass idea – similar to the classic wrist watch winding design. Due to the low frequency of ocean waves it is hard to get magnets and inductive coils to produce enough current (I also made a prototype during my time at Junior College to test this idea on small scale) and hydraulics have too much damping at this small scale and require too much force to compress.

      I’ll send you a private message to chat more- thanks for the comment.


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