Wave Buoy V10 – Wiring Schematic with Sodaq Ndogo

Wave Buoy Schematic with Ndogo.

Ndogo mounted to electronics perf board (LEFT), RGB LED board (Right)


3D Printed Buoy Parts with Electronics


4 thoughts on “Wave Buoy V10 – Wiring Schematic with Sodaq Ndogo

    • Hi Jon,

      Yes! The one that I am most familiar with is the RepRap project. I have several friends who have built these and they have a very nice print quality once you tune the settings.

  1. I’m very inspired by your project. Would it be alright with you if I adapted your design/.STL files for a floating river sensor project, similar to UC Berkeley’s Floating Sensor Network? I’m also wondering if you are planning on storing data on an SD card within the buoy before transmitting it or are you only planning on transmitting it?

    • Hi Drew,

      Yes please feel free to adapt the design as you see fit. This is just a prototype design and not the final finished product. I was able to visit the UC Berkeley CITRIS museum and see the floating sensor network project first hand. They have a great display showing the progression of the design which was also very inspirational for this buoy project. Eventually, they used injection molded parts ( I believe) for constructing the final group of float sensors.

      Yes, I think storing all the data locally is a good idea. Either on an SD card or a memory module integrated into the circuit board. That way, if the wireless connection is lost you can still retrieve the data onboard the buoy. Good luck with the project, please keep me updated on your progress.

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