3D Printed Hull v03 – top section complete


Finished printing design V03, with antenna installed for the test fit.

Initially I had issues with warping, the part would tend to lift up and then the nozzle on the printer would collide with the part and ruin the print. It is not perfect, but is good enough to test fit and placement of the electronics.

IMG_4663 IMG_4662 IMG_4660 IMG_4657

You can see that the part is warped on the bottom so that the two edges are not flush with each other. For the most part, this can be fixed with a large o-ring and silicone sealant around the edges. Eventually, I’d like to use a heated build platform with my printer and this would help to eliminate this problem. The bolt holes fit and line up with the threads in the lower section of the hull. The LED holes are too small for the 10mm LEDs to fit, so the next version will have larger holes and also include a hole for the chord from the GPS antenna to pass through.


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