3D Printed hull V03 – lower section

Successfully printed the lower section of the hull for V03 design on my 3D printer earlier this week. There was some slight warping at the bottom of the part (which I expected – am looking into upgrading to a heated bed to prevent this issue) and does not cause any major problems. The part was printed in PLA, with a 0.20mm layer height and 7% rectilinear infill. The print took about eight hours to complete. Major design changes include a large cavity in the lower portion of the hull for a 6600 mAh Li-po battery.  The battery pack and Arduino Mega fit inside perfectly!

Next I will try to print the top portion of the hull, however without a heated build platform I expect there to be quire a bit of warping so this may cause problems for sealing to the two pieces together.

3D printer_lower hull

Midway through the 8 hour print. This shows the pocket for holding the li-po battery pack.

3D printed hull completeFinished print.

3D printed lower hull with batteriesTesting the fit of the battery pack and the arduino.


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