Ocean Research Robots Video and Drogue Sensors

I found this video from UC San Diego and the Scripps Institute of Oceanography. Prof. Jules Jaffe talks about buoys, sensors, and swarms of cheap data sensors. While watching the video I  learned about the concept of a drogue buoys that change their density in order to change the depth at which they are collecting data.


After some googling, I found the UCD mechanical engineering student research project website with more information on teh specific build. From this, I’ve decided to use a water tight cylinder for the electronics enclosure and have been reading up on o-ring designs and thinking more and more about the enclosure.


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Resources related to the drogue buoy idea and  Dr. Jaffre’s lab:

A. 2008 UCSD Drogue Underwater Buoyancy Device Project (website)

2008 Project Report (PDF file)

B. 2009 UCSD Drogue Underwater Buoyancy Device Project (website)

2009 Project Report

C. 2012 SPAWAR Ocean Monitoring Vessels (website)

D. Research Article: submersible drogue

Based on the images and the video, here are some ideas that I have been working on. Special thanks to Dan Spangler for the idea of incorporating a twist-lock mechanism and electronics frame into the water tight cylinder assembly for easier repair and maintenance of electronics.


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